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Please view the My Decorative Stones collection to see for yourself the extensive range of products we have available to transform you living space.

My Decorative Stones offers a wide variety textures, finishes and colour options to provide you with a imaginative solutions for you to create unique and bespoke interiors

Stone Cladding Panels

This brick cladding is manufactured in the UK and once installed give the appearance of hand laid brick walls. Our cladding products have the convenience of easy installation, a large range to choose from and the benefit of huge cost savings.

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Brick & Wood Effect Panels

With the flexibility to be used internally & externally this cladding offers Architects, Builders and Designers the flexibility to mix traditional materials with the durability and cost reductions of a cast product.

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Here you will find all additional items including adhesives, sealants, and tools required to finalise your project.

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Bulk Deals

In this category you will find Special offers for traders, business deals, periodical promotions.. Please sign in to newsletter. You will never miss any promotion, periodical discounts, etc.

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Clearance Items

In this category you will find discounted products, periodical promotions and also clerance stock. Please sign in to receive our newsletter- via email, post. We will keep you up to date with price list , promotions and also new products on offer.

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